Fabiana Koti will facilitate this leading transformational program created by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher, and provide bespoke mentorship to empower a group of individuals that are serious about mastering a mindset that will positively transform their life.


Utilising her vast experience and expertise as a life and business strategist, Fabiana has crafted a unique approach to understand and guide each of her clients, regardless of their background or life circumstance.


What you will get in this transformational 6-month program:


  • Complete Access to 12 Program Modules

  • 12 x Live Facilitation Sessions (biweekly)

  • 12 x Live Q&A Sessions (biweekly)

  • Magic in your mind program (Activated after 3 months)

  • Private Support Group for Participating Members

  • Motivation and guidance to rewrite thought patterns that will create lasting, positive change.




  • 6 x One-on-One Mentoring Sessions with Fabiana (Monthly 1 hour sessions over 6 months)


*This is an incredible one-time offer that Fabiana will not run again for Group Mentoring Participants.

AMOUNT DUE TODAY           AU$9,500.00



Congratulation on investing in yourself!